The “Twister Series” of Single Drum Field Rollers

Single Drum Land Rollers with sizes of 10ft, 12ft, 16ft and 20ft.
Our single drum Land Rollers are specifically manufactured with the sizes that fit smaller fields and farms. Our drum is 40" in diameter (1020MM). We use strong heavy-duty bearings and robust hydraulic components. Weight is exactly what you need to do the job. The 10ft. unit weighs in at 5330lbs, our 12ft. roller at 5737lbs, the 16ft. at 8129lbs and the largest Twister at 9334lbs. These units are perfect for pulling behind a seeder for enhanced seed protection or smashing corn stalks after harvest for quicker decomposition. Twisters tow easy and with our unique design, easily turns perpendicular to the tractor when in the field, Transportation width is under 8ft., making this machine safe to transport.

Heavy Duty. Built to Last.
HD Bearings, Frame and Components for long life.

Multiple Uses
Smash Rocks down, Great for breaking stalk material or just smoothing out the ground.

The Twister Rolls
Just think of what you can do with this Land Roller. Rolling assists farmers with additional seed protection after planting. Pull behind a planter or drill and experience the benefits of improved seed protection.
The Twister Land Roller pushes rocks back into the subsoil, breaks down plant residue and levels the ground. During harvest you will notice a difference, a smoother ride, which makes combining beans more efficient. Another benefit is a reduced chance of picking up rocks or other material that damage sickle sections. Cut down on expensive combine repairs.

Easy and Safe Transport
Our Twister models come with an adjustable hitch to fit perfectly to any tractor, safety chains are standard and a slow-moving vehicle sign is standard.

Simple and Safe.
Easy to use and easy to operate. No need to leave the seat of the tractor. Drive to the field, put the roller into “Twister Mode” and get to work. Just what you would expect from a company that appreciates hard work., We Keep Rolling to Keep you Rolling.

Factory Direct Pricng

Call us today so we can give you the best price available. We realize that everybody has different wants and needs. We can offer you immediate savings on items like “FREE FREIGHT to your farm” or “120 days no interest” or a lower APR on your financing. All these things are possible so give us a call today.