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About Us

Who We Are And Why We're Here

Landrollers llc and our new website LANDROLLERS.COM was concieved by the two owners of Accessories Unlimited LLC, Travis Ballard and Mark Rasmussen, together with a management team that has been involved in manufacturing and supplying agricultural equipment for over 30 years. Accessories unlimited had been building land rollers for over 5 years with great success.

The thought behind this new company, Landrollers LLC and our new online portal LANDROLLERS.COM, was to supply the highest quality and most rugged land rollers direct to the farm, no middle man. We have succeeded in this with the introduction of LANDROLLERS.COM direct to your farm. 

E-commerce purchasing by farms and consumers has been growing over the past decade and putting a business model in place to assist you to purchase large products like land rollers evolved into a reality. In the past, shipping products like land rollers to a dealership facility and then having them sit for a period of time was frankly a waist of time and money. Why ship the product twice and sometimes incur costs of bringing them across the border. 

Direct to farm was a way to take these costs out and save you money, big money.

Farmers can now purchase factory direct with all the support and benefits that the dealer channel provided. We provide easy ordering, ability to finance at low rates, delivery to the farm door and product customization. These attributes were essential to make this concept a reality.

Recently a farmer told us that they would never be without a land roller on the farm. Quote: “that one product has saved the farm a lot of money over the years by pushing rocks down that can lead to costly damage on equipment”. 

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We invite you to consider a new and better way to buy a land roller. Enjoy real savings and simplicity of purchasing, on-line, and from the comfort of your farm. 

E-Mail us at or call us at 1-855-4ROLLER (1-855-476-5537)